Cover of Fabienne Salimi, Frederic Salimi: Systems Approach to Managing the Complexities of Process Industries

Fabienne Salimi, Frederic Salimi Systems Approach to Managing the Complexities of Process Industries

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A Systems Approach to Managing the Complexities of Process Industries discusses the principles of system engineering, system thinking, complexity thinking and how these apply to the process industry, including benefits and implementation in process safety management systems. The book focuses on the ways system engineering skills, PLM, and IIoT can radically improve effectiveness of implementation of the process safety management system. Covering lifecycle, megaproject system engineering, and project management issues, this book reviews available tools and software and presents the practical web-based approach of Analysis & Dynamic Evaluation of Project Processes (ADEPP) for system engineering of the process manufacturing development and operation phases. Key solutions proposed include adding complexity management steps in the risk assessment framework of ISO 31000 and utilization of Installation Lifecycle Management. This study of this end-to-end process will help users improve operational excellence and navigate the complexities of managing a chemical or processing plant. Presents a review of Operational Excellence and Process Safety Management Methods, along with solutions to complexity assessment and managementProvides a comparison of the process manufacturing industry with discrete manufacturing, identifying similarities and areas of customization for process manufacturingDiscusses key solutions for managing the complexities of process manufacturing development and operational phases

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