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Charlotte Fox Weber What We Want

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Chloe is beautiful and fiercely bright, but her thirst for alcohol and attention is insatiable. Sara resents being tied down to anything, but part of her craves stability. Elliot is secretly grieving the death of his famous lover and feels like he's invisible. The lives and problems of psychotherapist Charlotte Fox Weber's clients vary, but all are united by a common question: what do I really want? In What We Want, Charlotte Fox Weber takes us on a journey through twelve universal wants and desires - love, power, sex, attention, and more - bringing us behind the closed doors of her practice. As she gently guides her clients towards a deeper understanding of themselves, she invites them - and us - to find a fuller way of living. What We Want is at once a fly-on-the-wall look at what binds us all, an expression of the profound importance of understanding and articulating our desires, and a practical toolkit for living well.

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