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Woody Allen Mere Anarchy

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"I am greatly relieved that the universe is finally explainable. I was beginning to think it was me." Thus begins "Strung Out", Woody Allen's hilarious application of the laws of the universe to daily life. Mere Anarchy, Woody Allen's first new collection in 25 years, features 18 witty, wild and intelligent comic pieces - nine of which have never before been in print. Surreal, absurd, rich in verbal play, bitingly satirical and just plan daft, this collection includes tales of a body double - mistaken for the film's star - kidnapped by outlaws; a pretentious writer forced to work on the novelisation of a "Three Stooges" film; a nanny secretly writing an expose of her Manhattan employers; crooks selling bespoke prayers on ebay; and how to react when you're asked to finance a Broadway play about the invention and manufacture of the adjustable showerhead. Laced with his unique brand of humour and reminiscent of some of his finest films, "Mere Anarchy" is an essential collection of tales by the inimitable Woody Allen.

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